It’s All Connected In Agents of SHIELD

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is getting better and last night’s episode is the most explosive so far. The tie-in episode proves the possibility of tying up a blockbuster movie to a TV show can be awesome.


Whedon and his team finally listened to the fandoms complain about the show being lackluster and not edgy enough. The tie-ins gave us a lot of twists, surprises and the most action-packed episode to date. If you haven’t watched Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier then I suggest you better watch it first before watching the tie-in episode.

Or you can watch SHIELD now and don’t give a damn about spoilers.

In Captain America 2, Hydra takes over the SHIELD. In case you don’t know what Hydra is, it is a terrorist organization and usually head butts with SHIELD. They usually got defeated by a lot of superhero teams from Avengers and X-men but I think Hydra is the perfect villain for the TV show SHIELD.

Last night’s episode aptly titled “Turn, Turn, Turn” has our heads guessing and jaws dropped on the surprise villains. Right from the start we all believed and trusted Agent Sitwell and although he was a bit of a villain the comics, I thought his character was the surprise boost for the show. On the other hand, right from the start, we all thought that Agent Hand was the surprise villain of the show.

The episode also put an ending to the Clairvoyant story arc. I thought that storyline has been stretched way too far now and has no directions but to my surprise the writers indeed have a long term plan for the show.

Turn, Turn, Turn episode has lots of betrayal including Agent Grant Ward’s becoming a turncoat and siding Hydra. That was total unexpected turn of events.

So Hail Hydra has been popping in my social media accounts, here are some memes to calm your nerves on this week’s explosive episode of SHIELD:






So yeah, HAIL HYDRA!


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