Marvel’s Infinity Review

I just finished the entire Infinity comic book and it’s crossover storylines and boy, it’s a comic event that is hard to put down. A lot of people claims that it is one of the comic events of last year and I couldn’t agree more. 

infinity marvel

Infinity is a 6-part miniseries but expands up to almost 50 issues together with the tie-ins. The primary tie-ins are Avengers and New Avengers which are also written by Infinity writer Jonathan Hickman. Other tie-ins includes Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Thunderbolts, Wolverine and the X-Men, Superior Spiderman, Defenders and some special releases like Heist. 

My primary reason on reading Infinity is due to the involvement of the Inhumans which is one of my top favorite story arcs of Marvel and Infinity didn’t fail me with my Inhumans fixation. Another reason is the space and cosmos setting and the involvement of higher sentient beings and of course, Thanos. Thanos has a huge fan base and I am one of those fanboys. Everytime Thanos appears, it always lead to something massive and historic event in Marvel. The same reason actually made me set aside this series for a couple of months since Thanos, Avengers and space always means world destruction, in this case universal destruction.


I am a fan of cosmic adventure that is why I follow Guardians of the Galaxy but too much of space wars sort of tarnishes the plot. In this case, the plot is that Thanos wants to invade the universe, and of course, Earth will be a formidable planet to conquer and also they want to punish Earth for being, well, unconquerable. Have they learned their lessons with secret invasion and other titles – Earth always win. 

But there’s a twist, Thanos is after again the infinity gems and sent his loyal servants to scour Earth for the gems. Only to find out they had been destroyed except for one. That’s not all, there is another Twist. Thanos is looking for his child and in this case is an Inhuman, which makes me like this series more. 

You can read just the 6 part mini-series just like what I did a few months ago but I decided to read all the tie-ins including the Avengers. The Avengers and New Avengers are worth reading considering also that the artist is the amazing Leinil Yu (which I was able to have a picture with during a local comic event and had one of my comics signed). Too much fanboyism.

Going back to the highlights of the series, the Inhumans shined in Infinity and the fight between Thanos and Blackbolt is now one of my favorites of all Marvel titles. Blackbolt sort of sacrificed the city of Attilan, but that actually became confusing, he exploded Attilan to protect what? Or he just wants to detonate the terrigen mists and trigger the Inhuman DNA worldwide? 

There are a few not-so-good tie-ins, Thunderbolts was such a disappointment that I actually skipped them (sort of). Probably it’s because I never liked the new line-up of Thunderbolts. The Hunt which featured Wolverine and the X-Men characters is also below average. The surprise story here is the Heist which chronicled class B villains Whirlwind and Blizzard. 

Ininity overall is really good. You have to read it especially now that there is a new Inhuman series and I have a feeling that most of Marvel titles will now have tie-ins with Inhumans since the terrigen has been detonated and Inhumans started popping in different parts of the world.


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