Dissecting The Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere

The day has arrived. The premiere episode of Game Of Thrones season 4. This is also the day where Facebook gets flooded with spoilers and people screaming spoilers just the mere mention of the word “game”. So hows the first episode of season 4? Overall, it’s satisfying but lackluster. A lot of holding back on almost everything – from sex, fight scenes and plots.

Oh. i forgot to mention. This blog contains spoilers. 

Let’s start.

The Intro

Notice anything from the intro? Yes. Nothing? Will watch again. Of course the music will still be the same and I would be furious if they replace it. Anyways, if you look closely on the intro animation, a new map has been added and it’s Dreadfort.



Dreadfort is a fortress located in the North and manned by the house Bolton. It is currently ruled by Roose Bolton and his bastard psycho son Ramsay Snow. Although the Dreadfort is a house banner of the Starks and pledge it’s loyalty to Winterfell, they seem to pledge their allegiance based on their interests as what we saw in last season’s Red Wedding.

With Dreadfort being included in the map, we can expect more screentime on Ramsay Snow / Bolton and his new play thing Reek, formerly known as Theon Greyjoy. This will be a painful story arc to Theon’s character, as what we saw in last season, Theon lost his prime jewel and this season we will see him get transformed into Reek and constantly hear him say the now popular words “Reek sounds like meek”.

The Dorne

The pilot episode introduces us to the people of Dorne especially to Oberyn Martell a.k.a Red Viper. The scene wasn’t in the books so it was a great job for the writers to introduce Oberyn in that way. Oberyn is an interesting character and a fan favorite actually even though his taste of bed partners are unusual. Oberyn is played by Pedro Pascal and even though it’s not how I expected Oberyn to look like, Pedro Pascal is amazing and I think it was a perfect casting.

Sansa and the Fool

What I like about A Storm of Swords is that Sansa has many chapters and it showed her getting stronger and learning to play the Game of Thrones. Not the Arya type strength but her she is now an important piece of the story. The necklace that was given to her will play a pivotal role in the coming episodes but in the books it was a head dress so maybe that’s not it yet.

Arya and Needle

Arya finally gets back her needle. Although in the book, it was the hound who killed Polliver, the scene was important to show Arya’s transformation and the path she will be taking in the coming episodes.


That was a remarkable scene from the episode. Ice getting disassembled and melted to form two new swords was a rather emotional scene in the books for Ice resembled the legacy of the Stark family. The second sword wasn’t shown yet and it was a very emotional scene to Sansa when the swords has been unveiled.

It wasn’t an epic episode for Game Of Thrones does not really require a majestic premiere to make sure fans will watch. The fans will watch for they are heavily invested with the show. Especially for the fans who read the books.


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