Of Sickness and Errands

I am a borderline modern worker. No. i am not referring to my state of mind. My sanity is alright actually. I am referring to my work. I am both a freelancer and a day worker. Although, I would consider myself as a full-time online worker / work-at-home since most of my dough come from it, I am also a part-time IT Instructor and Coordinator or sometimes Dean, whatever the situation may require me.

This week, I got a super flue. Yeah. I call it a super flu for I was never downed by a flu before and this time I can’t even get up in my bed. I even had to skip lunch and dinner because of no appetite. Although, I felt better after the next day, my body is still not weak and not in working mode. Yesterday, I put all my time in finishing some SEO and SEM stuff for my client and also fix some newsletter set-up. I decided not to go to school even though graduation day is just 2 days ahead. I didn’t go because my body won’t permit me and I expect everyone in the office knows it because I posted it in facebook with hashtag #superflu.

Today, I have no choice for I was summoned by the powers that be for some paper signing. I am well now, brain is functioning alright and body motors is fine as well. Of course I have to go. I signed a contract and it’s part of my job. Truthfully, I would rather stay at home and write blogs for my clients than go to my day job. This is one of those days where I tell myself that i should have not accepted office works at all. Full-time freelancer for good. My problem is, I know that during the graduation day and seeing my students with their toga is another one of those moments where I tell myself THIS IS WHY I SIGNED UP FOR THIS.

Honestly, right now I am in that verge again of corporate / academe work or full-time jet-setting digital nomad… or both… can it be both? CAN I HANDLE BOTH?


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