X-Men: Days of Future Past Poster and 2nd Trailer Is Out Now

X-Men fans, brace yourselves for the 2nd trailer of Days of Future Past is now out and that’s not all, Fox also released the official movie poster a few hours ago.

So after pressing the replay button on Youtube for a hundredth time, now we can dissect the uncanny trailer for major plots.

A few weeks ago, we were devastated that Storm’s screentime has been chopped to a mere 5 or 20 seconds.

This is probably the reason why:


Screenshot from the trailer. Darn. That’s a sentinel giving storn a pat in the back. |20th Century Fox |

Ok, here is the GIF to make you cringe:

Does this mean Storm will not be in Apocalypse movie? | 20th Century Fox |WhatCulture.com

Does this mean Storm will not be in Apocalypse movie? | 20th Century Fox |

Another surprising mutant in Days of Future Past is Roberto Da Costa a.k.a. Sunspot and the surprising change they made. I am not pleased with these changes, as a huge fan of New Mutants this kinda sucks that Sunspot has been revamped into Human Torch. If they wan’t a “flame on” mutant that is not human torch then they should have just added Sunfire and not Sunspot. Maybe the writers initial plan was to add Sunfire then got confused in the end with Sunspot.

Err. Why am I in flames? I am supposed to be a human solar battery with super strength now burning in flames! |Screen from |20th Century Fox |Whatculture.com

Err. Why am I in flames? I am supposed to be a human solar battery with super strength not burning in flames! |Screen from |20th Century Fox |

Two of my favorite X-Men, Blink and Colossus. Who would have thought Blink will make it in an X-Men movie and Magik won’t. In this scene, Blink is using her teleporting powers, it would have been cooler if these two are the Rasputin siblings.


Blink teleporting someone. |20th Century Fox |

Here is another awesome shot of Sunfire, Sorry, I meant Sunspot.

Burn, baby, Burn!

Burn, baby, Burn! |20th Century Fox |

and of course, the sentinels:

Colossus versus Sentinel (guess what model?)

Colossus versus Sentinel (guess what model?) |20th Century Fox |

And here is another shot of a different Sentinel, looked like it came from Asgard, what’s up with the face blasting.

Talk to my face!

Talk to my face! |20th Century Fox |

and of course, we can’t forget our favorite annoying mutant Quicksilver which Fox butchered in many levels:

Quicksilver in the middle having a sour face. Not from listening to never ending arguments of Magneto and Prof. X. He is probably pissed because he just saw his other and much better version in Avengers.

Quicksilver in the middle having a sour face. Not from listening to the never ending arguments of Magneto and Prof. X. He is probably pissed because he just saw his other and much better version in Avengers. |20th Century Fox |

I present to you, the Quicksilver of Avengers!

This is how you make a Quicksilver!

This is how you make a Quicksilver! |20th Century Fox |

and here is one of the official posters, it’s amazing!

Hey, why is Mystique taking so much space in the poster? Storm is an Oscar winner too.

Hey, why is Mystique taking so much space in the poster? Storm is an Oscar winner too. |20th Century Fox |

Official 2nd Trailer, watch and cringe!

X-Men: Days of Future Past


Of Faith and Fanboy-ism

I was telling a friend that I’ll be in the city this coming April to watch my favorite band and may also be able to attend a local comic con . He asked me if it’s the Christian band I watched last year and while trying to explain to him that the band prefers to be called an indie pop electronic band, My friend asked me the question that has been bothering me for a long time.

Is there God in comics?

So I just replied “which comics universe?” and hoping at the same time that I get disconnected but my friend seems to be passionate about it and replied “Marvel Universe”. I am not in the mood at that time to have a debate in Facebook so I answered “I don’t know” and then signed out.

Marvel Universe predominantly features mutants in their comic books but they also have mythological gods, deities, celestial and sentient beings and heavenly beings as well like Angels but without a definite and concrete version of one true God.

Although, Heaven has been featured in the new story arc of Amazing X-Men, it was depicted differently and obviously, none of us really know what heaven is like aside from what we read in the scriptures.


In Amazing X-Men, Nightcrawler was unhappy in heaven in which he decided to jump out of heaven and goes back to earth 616.

If you are a devout Christian then there are times that you will be offended in some of the storylines. Although there are Catholics in the X-Men universe like Roberto de Costa aka Sunspot, there are many instances where you will feel like the stories has gone too far and can be considered as blasphemous.

But it should not damper your comic book fixation, the trick to enjoy comics is to consider them as entertainment and to respect the writers creativity. Marvel and other comic book publishers are very diverse right now and some or even most of the titles can offend your religious beliefs but if you are open minded then it should not be an issue.

I wish my friend would not focus on the biblical and theological reference of comic books for surely that will hinder his reading pleasures. Not just actually in comics books but almost in everything fictional and literary.

As for me, I  pick what I like to read and enjoy it!

6 X-Men Who Deserve To Be In The Movies

The sequel to X-Men first class will now be out in a couple of months and if you are a big follower of the graphic novels then you are probably one of those pissed off fanboys or girls who got disappointed big time of the changes of the story arcs and major characters.

Although the X – Men First Class: Days of the Future Past (That’s a long title for a sci-fi movie) is based on the 80’s Days of The Future Past which is both praised by the fans and the critics, some major changes altered the storyline like it wasn’t Wolverine who traveled back to the past to save the future rather it was Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat’s consciousness who went back to the past to stop a fatal event that will lead to extreme mutant hatred and discrimination.

But enough with the spoilers, As of now, there are 6 X -Men movies that were out: The First 3 X – Men, The 2 Wolverine Origins and First Class and all of these films seems lackluster when it comes to mutant castings. So here are my 6 picks of X-Men’s that deserved to be added in the movie adaptations but kept on getting snubbed.

6. Gabriel Summers / Vulcan – Cyclops and Havok youngest brother. If Scott (Cyclops) and Havok (Alex) are Marvel’s super hero poster boys then Vulcan is the complete opposite. He is a major super villain with family issues. Vulcan actually started as McTaggert’s student who helped in saving the X-Men but was assumed dead during the process. He returned back as psycho douche mutant and planned to kill Professor X. He killed Banshee and battled other X-Men members including his own brothers and Rachel Summers(Phoenix). One of the most notable storylines of Vulcan was when he became the King of Shi’ar Empire and planned on conquering the universe. Vulcan is a powerful mutant and can manipulate different types of energies in massive level and also can fly and can survive in space.

Vulcan X-Men

Why he should be in the movies: Well, Guardians of the Galaxy is the most talked about Superhero movie this year in social media and if the franchise proves to be a success, X-Men movie with Vulcan can lead to other sequels and spin-offs including space and alien territories.

5. Rachel Anne Grey / Marvel Girl / Phoenix – Rachel Anne Grey or famously known as Phoenix is the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey in the alternate future and timeline. She is an omega level mutant with the powers of telekinesis and telepathy but she is best known for possessing the sentient being Phoenix which made her super powerful.

Phoenix X-Men¬†Why she should be in the movies: Days of Future Past is set in alternate timeline and in the comics, Rachel Grey is actually a major character so she should be in the X-Men First Class 2 in the first place. Rachel Grey’s inclusion in an X-Men movie can open up different timeline spin-offs and storylines and also can bring back the classic Cyclops and Jean Grey arcs.

And I am not being biased with the Summers family.

5. Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock / Psylocke – Psylocke is the twin sister of Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain. She possesses telepathic powers and telekinetic katana or a psychic knife and she is a martial arts expert.


Why she should be in the movies: Who doesn’t wants to see a psychic ninja? Her character can also open an spin-off featuring the UK version of X-Men or the Excalibur led by his twin brother Captain Britain.

3. Hisako Ichiki / Armor – Armor can generate psionic body armor which can be used as a defensive shield or for offensive attacks due to increased strength. Her powers is somewhat connected to her family lineage although I am not sure if it was clarified.

Hisako / Armor

Why she should be in the movies: Hisako is Japanese and Japan is always a good setting for Sci-Fi films. In the comics, Hisako and the X-Men battled giant godzilla monsters. Who doesn’t want to see Godzilla in X-Men films? Armor also has a strong fan base FYI.

2. David Haller / Legion – Legion is Professor X son. He is an omega mutant but with severe mental illness including a multiple personality disorder which makes him unstable and most of the time unable to control his powers.


Why he should be in the movies: Legion can lead to the inclusion of other new generations of X-Men. His multiple personality disorder makes him interesting since each personality possesses different powers including telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, pyrokinesis, acid vomit and so much more and almost all personalities are psychotic. Imagine Hannibal Lecter and X-Men merged into one. That would work.

1. Illyana Rasputina / Magik – Magik is the younger sister of Colossus and has the mutant powers of teleportation but aside from that she is a sorceres and is the supreme queen of Limbo. Magik has a dark and tortured past and honestly, reading the comics makes me cringe. Magik owns the mystical Eldritch Armor and the Soulsword which can disrupt magical energies and cut magical creatures.

Magik X Men

Why she should be in the movies: Her possession of the limbo dimension can open up to a movie featuring demons, limbo and hell. She is also bestfriends with Shadowcat and that would be amazing to watch in movies and there is also a big chance of a New Mutants spin-off with her. Although Sunspot is in the upcoming X-Men First Class 2, I don’t think Sunspot is interesting enough for a spin-off project.

Cover of Infernus. Magik as Darkchylde.

Cover of Infernus. Magik as Darkchylde.

The upcoming First Class 2 features new mutants like Warpath, Bishop and Blink, although they haven’t appeared in the previous films I think that the 6 I mentioned above deserved much better. Blink over Magik. Come On.

What on Earth 616 am I thinking why I wrote this? I am actually on #300words challenge so you will be seeing more of these types of blogs soon.. like tomorrow. Go easy with me fanboys.