Lazada, Not Again

I don’t know what have I done to Lazada but i always kept on getting bad services from them. No, their services is not bad at all  for my co-faculties and friends kept on getting satisfying services, it’s just me, probably.

Last March 4 I bought a Sennheiser CX 215 for my birthday, it’s not the most top of the line from Sennheiser but that’s what i can afford at the moment, the order arrived after 16 days, the waiting is bearable but a defective product is just unforgivable especially when it’s for your birthday.


I have been a big fan of Sennheiser since I got the Adidas CX 680 a few years ago, it was one of the bests earphones I ever owned. I decided that for my birthday, I will get myself a new Sennheiser for I have been using the earphones that came with my smartphones and it was a lousy, disposable earphones. I pick the CX 215 and purchased at Lazada, the Phillippine’s no.1 online store for that is the most convenient way for me but the earphones that was shipped to me was in a box that looked like it has been tossed around by bunch of kinder kids, the cellophane or the plastic wrap on the front is very tinted and looked like it has been in the stock room for 10 years. I am not exaggerating, at first glance, I was already disappointed but I am hopeful that it’s Sennheiser and it’s going to sound like a rockstar.

But I was wrong, the audio was way too poor that my disposable earphones sounds 10 times better. I tested it for a few more minutes and decided to try it again the next day, maybe it will sound better the next day but still, it’s just gone worse, one of the earphone (forgot if the right or left side) has a cracking sound and sounds to low. I am not sure if it was a damaged earphones that was sent to me or Sennheiser Philippines is selling low quality earphones.

I decided to return the earphones back to Lazada the next day. There is no way i am paying a Php 2,000 ($50) for a crappy earphones.

Last year, I purchased a coffeemaker and turbo oven as a gift for my mom on Mother’s day and a wedding gift for a friend. The items arrived after 2 months. Now, my order arrived a bit earlier, but seriously, 16 days is not early and the item is defective. Come on, Lazada.

Just for the record, Lazada is not a crappy online store, my friends and co-workers are happy with their services. I actually recommend them to my friends as well, it’s just me. I guess.


4 New Mid-season Shows You Should Be Watching

Almost all of the mid-seasons shows has been aired and we can now all tell the stand outs from those who are going to get the ax of cancellation. There are a lot of new TV shows for the mid-season to check out from the LOST writer J.J. Abrams to a remake of a 90’s hit Tarantino movie.

If you don’t know which mid-season to watch first this 2014, let this top 4 be your guide:

4. Believe – A new Sci-fi show produced by LOST creator J.J. Abrams featuring the story of a young girl with supernatural gifts and her protector, a man recently escaped from prison and death row.


Why you should watch it: J.J. Abrams. Enough said? Actually, not, since some of his previous TV projects received lukewarm reception. Believe is from different the current roster of 2014 mid-season TV shows for it is the only show which combines family drama, secret agents and supernatural powers.

3. Klondike – A man versus nature story based on real life events. Klondike is based on the best selling book which chronicles the lives of two friends who journeyed to the harsh and freezing lands of Klondike to find their fortune during the gold rush era.


Why you should watch it: Klondike is the first scripted show from Discovery Channel and it stars Richard Madden of Game of Thrones. Yes. The King of the North lives. Klondike is a 3 part mini-series so you can watch the gritty series in it’s entirety in one sitting.

2. The 100 – Planet Earth’s civilization has been destroyed by a nuclear war and no longer habitable so humanity lived in the space. After 97 years, 100 juvenile delinquents were sent back to earth to determine the possibility of re-populating back their former home.


Why you should watch it: You should watch The 100 for this may be the best TV show to be aired in the teen oriented station, maybe next to Buffy. The 100 features teen criminals sent back to Earth so that means no parental guidance. You do the math.

1. Intelligence – The cyber-themed show chronicles a man with a chip installed in his head and can tap to any information grid including the internet and communication lines. Of course, he works with the government which makes it more fun.


Why you should watch it: It’s been done before, remember Jack 2.0 and Chuck? This one is different though. I like the idea where Gabriel, played by LOST’s Josh Holloway can render and re-create events from his mind which makes it live a mesh of CSI and Person of Interest. Intelligence is also one of the most watched shows right now in the US.

Runner Up:

From Dusk Till Down – The TV adaptation of the popular George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino movie. Although the pilot is a little bit lackluster, we could expect more from the following episodes and also, it just premiered last week so you can still catch up.


Why you should watch it: Vampires, guns, beautiful women and mexico!

Don’t put too much salt in your popcorn and diet soda is not healthy!

31 Doable Things Part 2

I am in the mood now of listing the stuff that makes me happy and I think could make you feel better also. These are just simple and readily available stuff like those things you find in a 7-11 store. You can find the first part of my silly list here.

Let’s continue, shall we:

11. Back Up Your Important Data – Buy yourself a portable drive with 1 TB or higher and back up those important pictures and documents you have. Don’t rely on cloud and your local hard disk. Trust me, I have been an IT professional for 10 years and I owned more than 3 PCs now and lost files from damaged hard disks a lot of time now. Nothing is safer and more secure than backing them up with a portable hard drive.

It's thursday and I can't find my high school pictures! Nooo! I need to throwback something...

It’s thursday and I can’t find my high school pictures! Nooo! I need to throwback something…

12. Watch U.S. TV Shows – TWD? GoT? You probably can’t relate with them and that is because you don’t watch them. No one is forcing you to watch the latest TV shows if you don’t want to but there will be times or occasions when you end up scratching your head for you are not familiar with the latest pop culture in the small screens. Try watching and picking a show to follow and enough with the cat videos in youtube.

13. Watch Late Night Shows – Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher and more. There are a dozen to choose from to give you a good laugh. Intelligent, fresh and unrestricted jokes. Watch late night shows and you will feel better the next day.

14. Learn A Popular Language – ¿Me puede entender. I know right.

15. Get A Dog or A Cat – If you are single and 31 then that means that you don’t have that much responsibility. Get a pet, it will make you more responsible and hopefully you get your dog or a cat from the shelter. Aside from that, it will change your point of view and will make you fell more loved.

16. Learn How To Swim – You are 31 and you don’t know how to swim? whoa! Actually, me too but I plan to learn this summer. I almost got drowned last year from scuba diving (yes! scuba diving with oxygen tank in the back) and knowing how to swim is very handy.

17. Learn The Basics of Carpentry – Your door is busted and your carpenter is not available at the moment. Enough said.

18. Spend on A Quality Eyeglasses – My friend convinced me to buy my eyeglasses in divisoria (a thrift store) and yes, it’s very cheap but the quality is way below average as well. The lenses are a bit plasticky so everytime you touch it you leave fingerprints that clouds your vision.

19. Visit Your Dentist Regularly – As much as I hate going to dentist, oral hygiene is important. You are 31 and working or if not then just the fact that you are 31 is way too embarrassing to have halitosis.

20. Eat Vegetables – I have friends who are in their 30’s and still don’t eat vegetables. It is acceptable if you are a toddler but seriously, salads (without the dressing) is good for you. Google it!

My 2nd part is done, thank God for I have papers to submit. If you like this list, then check out the first part.

Concept Arts for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Are Out

So are you wondering how the crazy, psycho and lunatic Maximoff twins will look like in Avengers 2? Wonder no more.

Marvel and Disney studios just released the concept arts for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch and they are really good. The concept arts will pump up any geekdom you are craving for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Obviously, a bit of tweaking is necessary for any movie adaptation of comic book franchise but I am liking the tweakings they did for Scarlet Witch. Quicksilver’s concept art looked like it came out directly from the pages of Marvel comic books except for the hair only.

Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff

Scarlet With Concept Art for Age of Ultron. Marvel / ABC Studios

Scarlet With Concept Art for Age of Ultron. Marvel / ABC Studios

The concept art for Scarlet Witch looked like Marvel Girl actually, Like someone could pitch this in an X-Men film but basing on Elizabeth Olsen’s look, this concept art fits perfectly. Obviously, Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff’s costume will look ridiculous in the movie adaptation so toning down to a rebel / girl next door look is a god idea. 

Quicksilver / Pietro Maximoff 

Concept Art for Quicksilver for the film Age of Ultron. Marvel/ABC Studios

Concept Art for Quicksilver for the film Age of Ultron. Marvel/ABC Studios

Quicksilver’s concept art is right on spot. It’s very simple and reminiscent of the classic Quicksilver look from the comics. The hair color was different though but that’s alright. At least, it does not look costumy and avoided the dilemma of getting far from the original comic version just like how the Quicksilver of the sequel to X-Men: First Class looks. 

In case you don’t know, Quicksilver will also appear in X-Men First Class: Days of Future Past and his cyberpunk look is a major fail.

What the F*** Fox??? UGH! This is ridiculous!

What the F*** Fox??? UGH! This is ridiculous!

Now that the concept arts has been released and so far the looks are very favorable. My concern now is the storyline and the backgrounds of the crazy twins. Are they gonna be mutants, inhumans, sorcerers or just humans using stark technology? Remember that freakin FOX owns the rights to “mutants” and Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are mutants so Marvel and Disney cannot refer them as mutants for it would end up with a legal battle.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is slated to be out in 2015. 

31 Doable Things You Must Do When You Are 31

So I just turned 31, Actually I turned 31 2 weeks ago but since there are still people greeting me, asking for a treat and pissing me off big time then it is still legit for me to write this list.

First of all, I want to clarify that this list is based on the stuff that comes into my mind right now. Like right now, I didn’t jot it down earlier or checked my spreadsheet on short term goals (which I don’t have for the record). I wanted my list to be real and simple, doable and fun, not something that forces you to open a dollar account and invest in Swiss bank. Pfft. Who does that kind of stuff anyways?

So here we go.

1. Buy A Good/Quality Earphones – Are you still using the earphones that comes into your smartphones or tablets? Those are actually disposable and obviously the audio is very poor. Just enough for you to listen the bass guitar, vocals and drums and that’s it. You can’t appreciate your favorite songs with that kind of earphones. So get yourself a Sanheisser, Sony or SkullCandy. You don’t necessarily need to buy Beats by Dr. Dre, just a decent entry or mid-range earphones. I just bought for my birthday a Sanheisser and it costs me Php 2,000 or around $50. I also decided to purchase a Sony earphone for 800 pesos or $25 and it’s buy one take one. Trust me. It’s worth it so enough with your cheap earphones.

2. Watch Foreign Films – And I am not referring to tagalized Korean films rather those which are nominated in Oscar’s best foreign films or recommended by critics. Not only that it will open you to different culture but you will be surprised with different storylines and directing approaches.

3. Listen To Indie Songs – Tired of listening to the same music? Go to or SoundCloud and you will be overwhelmed with amazing talents and thought-provoking songs.

Jars of Clay recording for a live album available in

Jars of Clay recording for a live album available in

4. Eat Something Expensive – Been curious about that double quarter pounder? Then go for it! It’s your birthday anyways or a reward for a good work. It’s not everyday, just something to make you feel good, remember, YOLO!

5. Watch A Movie… in theater – When was the last time you paid for a movie? Some of us are so used with downloading movies illegally that paying a few bucks for a really good movie seems to cause havoc in our wallets. There are great films that deserves to be watched in 3D or iMax so go for it and enjoy.

6. Have A Cup of Coffee With A Friend – I said with a friend and not friends. I always like a “me” time and a time with my group but sometimes it gets crowded in the head when you are alone and too crowded with conversations when you are with a group of people so ask your friend to buy you a coffee or treat a friend. Either ways, enjoy a good company and talk whatever comes into your minds.

7. Listen To Country Music – I am currently listening to a country song right now that is why I included this in my list. Country music is great music and I am not just talking about Taylor Swift. There are a lot of amazing country artists to listen to like Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Chris Young, The Band Perry and Little Big Town. Country music relaxes your mind and gives you a sense of relief and makes you crave for a good long walk in the beach or an urge to punch someone in the face.

8. Use Sunscreen / Lotions With SPF – Global warming. Enough said.

9. Improve Your Writing And Speaking Skills – I am a bad writer and a bad speaker. You can probably find a dozen of wrong grammars and sppeling here but I don’t mind. I am writing for I want to be a better writer. One more thing, we live in an era in which English seems to be the primary communication (social media, entertainment…) so being better in English is a big advantage.

10. Learn How To Fix Your Own PC – Darn it. How much does it cost you everytime you run to your next door technician? 500 pesos or $15? What about to a professional technician? 1000 pesos or $50? That’s a lot. Most of the computer problems are just minor and doable by non-IT persons.

I am gonna stop right now and I’ll continue the other 20 in my next list. The Voice is on now and it’s the battlerounds so I can’s miss that. Shakira is teaming up with Miranda Lambert. I can’t miss something like that.

Shakira and Miranda Lambert! Image from: TVGuide

Shakira and Miranda Lambert! Image from: TVGuide

Of Faith and Fanboy-ism

I was telling a friend that I’ll be in the city this coming April to watch my favorite band and may also be able to attend a local comic con . He asked me if it’s the Christian band I watched last year and while trying to explain to him that the band prefers to be called an indie pop electronic band, My friend asked me the question that has been bothering me for a long time.

Is there God in comics?

So I just replied “which comics universe?” and hoping at the same time that I get disconnected but my friend seems to be passionate about it and replied “Marvel Universe”. I am not in the mood at that time to have a debate in Facebook so I answered “I don’t know” and then signed out.

Marvel Universe predominantly features mutants in their comic books but they also have mythological gods, deities, celestial and sentient beings and heavenly beings as well like Angels but without a definite and concrete version of one true God.

Although, Heaven has been featured in the new story arc of Amazing X-Men, it was depicted differently and obviously, none of us really know what heaven is like aside from what we read in the scriptures.


In Amazing X-Men, Nightcrawler was unhappy in heaven in which he decided to jump out of heaven and goes back to earth 616.

If you are a devout Christian then there are times that you will be offended in some of the storylines. Although there are Catholics in the X-Men universe like Roberto de Costa aka Sunspot, there are many instances where you will feel like the stories has gone too far and can be considered as blasphemous.

But it should not damper your comic book fixation, the trick to enjoy comics is to consider them as entertainment and to respect the writers creativity. Marvel and other comic book publishers are very diverse right now and some or even most of the titles can offend your religious beliefs but if you are open minded then it should not be an issue.

I wish my friend would not focus on the biblical and theological reference of comic books for surely that will hinder his reading pleasures. Not just actually in comics books but almost in everything fictional and literary.

As for me, I  pick what I like to read and enjoy it!

Grimm Goes Very Grim On Aswang Episode

Did you watch the S03E14 (Season 03 Episode 14) of Grimm? Yep. That was a very grim episode even for a show that deals on fictional creatures, myths and folklore and for this episode they went very exotic by featuring Aswang, a Filipino folklore monster which scares the shit out of me when I was a kid.


Screenshot of Aswang tweeted by Grimm’s official twitter account. @NBCGrimm

The episode was entitled “Mommy Dearest” and features a Filipino family with very dark secret. At the start of the show, it sort of pays homage to the close family ties of a typical Filipino family and showing how the Filipinos love folklore and storytelling and even features flashbacks going back to the Philippines.

The episode “Mommy Dearest” opens with a prologue “I am going off to a house and entering it like a snake… I will devour their babes and make their hearts ache.” and that is enough to freak out any die hard horror flick fans.

I have been watching Grimm religiously and it is one of my favorite T.V. shows, never missed a single episode since it’s premiere and this episode is one of the bests and probably the scariest. Grimm has some high and lows with their storylines and sometimes some episodes are too stale and bland, like it has been done before like werewolves fighting each other or as they call it the blutblads and it came to a point that it is corny and just alright, enough to satisfy a geek’s sci-fi cravings.

The “aswang” episode is well-researched and honestly and I wanted to shake hands with the writers for coming with a creative and authentic version of the Filipino folklore. Although, I am not sure where the writers got their sources about Aswangs eating the babies of their eldest sons but their description on the ticking sound Aswangs make is how my nannies describes them to scare me.

There was also a part of the show where Monroe read the description of Aswang from the Grimm’s book as “also known as Tik-Tik for they make ticking sounds”. Aside from the great storyline, Sargeant Drew Yu, also known as that Asian cop has finally had his moment and Yes, we now know his first name. Drew Yu is played by Reggie Lee, also a Filipino actor.

“It’s the scariest Wesen ever,” executive producer Jim Kouf said in an interview at “Entertainment Weekly.”

And I agree.

Warning: Do not watch if you are pregnant or has babies in the house.