Spotify Is Now Available In The Philippines

This is not an April Fool’s Day Prank. Spotify is now available in the Philippines. The top digital music provider which lets you access and stream for free million of songs is now available in our region but there’s a catch though. You just can’t install it right away, the world’s no.1 music streaming is sponsored by Coke and you have to email Coke first in order to use Spotify.

Just  created a playlist.

Just created a playlist.

Here’s how you can get Spotify:

Email with the subject Coca-Cola Spotify to get the code. Double click the link to install spotify.

That’s it. Obviously, Coke made a partnership with Spotify to bring their services here in the Philippines. Iย aint complaining. You just have to email them and then you automatically get the code and install Spotify. No need to purchase anything or collect bottle caps or tin cans. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am really enjoying Spotify and I hasn’t stopped using it since.. well, yesterday. The database of music of Spotify is astounding as I was able to search my favorite tunes from country genre to European pop songs. I was also able to create a playlist from my favorite 90’s songs. Yeah. I was so down with a super flu yesterday that I can’t even get up from my bed but thanks to spotify now I feel better. Nah. Just joking. It was the flu pills that I took that made the sickness away but hey, Spotify will make you feel good with their millions of songs to choose from.

Streaming the OST of Dawson's Creek. Darn. The "feels" of this album.

Streaming the OST of Dawson’s Creek. Darn. The “feels” of this album.

Spotify is not just an streaming site but it sorts of like a social network where you can add other users and check their playlist. Other artists also have their own radio stations in Spotify where you can check and listen to their songs. So go ahead, create your own playlists and if you prefer being private. Just set it to private and we won’t judge your choice of music.


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