Lazada, Not Again

I don’t know what have I done to Lazada but i always kept on getting bad services from them. No, their services is not bad at all  for my co-faculties and friends kept on getting satisfying services, it’s just me, probably.

Last March 4 I bought a Sennheiser CX 215 for my birthday, it’s not the most top of the line from Sennheiser but that’s what i can afford at the moment, the order arrived after 16 days, the waiting is bearable but a defective product is just unforgivable especially when it’s for your birthday.


I have been a big fan of Sennheiser since I got the Adidas CX 680 a few years ago, it was one of the bests earphones I ever owned. I decided that for my birthday, I will get myself a new Sennheiser for I have been using the earphones that came with my smartphones and it was a lousy, disposable earphones. I pick the CX 215 and purchased at Lazada, the Phillippine’s no.1 online store for that is the most convenient way for me but the earphones that was shipped to me was in a box that looked like it has been tossed around by bunch of kinder kids, the cellophane or the plastic wrap on the front is very tinted and looked like it has been in the stock room for 10 years. I am not exaggerating, at first glance, I was already disappointed but I am hopeful that it’s Sennheiser and it’s going to sound like a rockstar.

But I was wrong, the audio was way too poor that my disposable earphones sounds 10 times better. I tested it for a few more minutes and decided to try it again the next day, maybe it will sound better the next day but still, it’s just gone worse, one of the earphone (forgot if the right or left side) has a cracking sound and sounds to low. I am not sure if it was a damaged earphones that was sent to me or Sennheiser Philippines is selling low quality earphones.

I decided to return the earphones back to Lazada the next day. There is no way i am paying a Php 2,000 ($50) for a crappy earphones.

Last year, I purchased a coffeemaker and turbo oven as a gift for my mom on Mother’s day and a wedding gift for a friend. The items arrived after 2 months. Now, my order arrived a bit earlier, but seriously, 16 days is not early and the item is defective. Come on, Lazada.

Just for the record, Lazada is not a crappy online store, my friends and co-workers are happy with their services. I actually recommend them to my friends as well, it’s just me. I guess.

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