31 Doable Things Part 2

I am in the mood now of listing the stuff that makes me happy and I think could make you feel better also. These are just simple and readily available stuff like those things you find in a 7-11 store. You can find the first part of my silly list here.

Let’s continue, shall we:

11. Back Up Your Important Data – Buy yourself a portable drive with 1 TB or higher and back up those important pictures and documents you have. Don’t rely on cloud and your local hard disk. Trust me, I have been an IT professional for 10 years and I owned more than 3 PCs now and lost files from damaged hard disks a lot of time now. Nothing is safer and more secure than backing them up with a portable hard drive.

It's thursday and I can't find my high school pictures! Nooo! I need to throwback something...

It’s thursday and I can’t find my high school pictures! Nooo! I need to throwback something…

12. Watch U.S. TV Shows – TWD? GoT? You probably can’t relate with them and that is because you don’t watch them. No one is forcing you to watch the latest TV shows if you don’t want to but there will be times or occasions when you end up scratching your head for you are not familiar with the latest pop culture in the small screens. Try watching and picking a show to follow and enough with the cat videos in youtube.

13. Watch Late Night Shows – Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher and more. There are a dozen to choose from to give you a good laugh. Intelligent, fresh and unrestricted jokes. Watch late night shows and you will feel better the next day.

14. Learn A Popular Language –ย ยฟMe puede entender. I know right.

15. Get A Dog or A Cat – If you are single and 31 then that means that you don’t have that much responsibility. Get a pet, it will make you more responsible and hopefully you get your dog or a cat from the shelter. Aside from that, it will change your point of view and will make you fell more loved.

16. Learn How To Swim – You are 31 and you don’t know how to swim? whoa! Actually, me too but I plan to learn this summer. I almost got drowned last year from scuba diving (yes! scuba diving with oxygen tank in the back) and knowing how to swim is very handy.

17. Learn The Basics of Carpentry – Your door is busted and your carpenter is not available at the moment. Enough said.

18. Spend on A Quality Eyeglasses – My friend convinced me to buy my eyeglasses in divisoria (a thrift store) and yes, it’s very cheap but the quality is way below average as well. The lenses are a bit plasticky so everytime you touch it you leave fingerprints that clouds your vision.

19. Visit Your Dentist Regularly – As much as I hate going to dentist, oral hygiene is important. You are 31 and working or if not then just the fact that you are 31 is way too embarrassing to have halitosis.

20. Eat Vegetables – I have friends who are in their 30’s and still don’t eat vegetables. It is acceptable if you are a toddler but seriously, salads (without the dressing) is good for you. Google it!

My 2nd part is done, thank God for I have papers to submit. If you like this list, then check out the first part.


2 thoughts on “31 Doable Things Part 2

  1. I totally agree with the list ๐Ÿ™‚
    Backing up data is very important I have lost many times even with back up ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I would love to learn a lanhuage and have a pet too ๐Ÿ™‚

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