31 Doable Things You Must Do When You Are 31

So I just turned 31, Actually I turned 31 2 weeks ago but since there are still people greeting me, asking for a treat and pissing me off big time then it is still legit for me to write this list.

First of all, I want to clarify that this list is based on the stuff that comes into my mind right now. Like right now, I didn’t jot it down earlier or checked my spreadsheet on short term goals (which I don’t have for the record). I wanted my list to be real and simple, doable and fun, not something that forces you to open a dollar account and invest in Swiss bank. Pfft. Who does that kind of stuff anyways?

So here we go.

1. Buy A Good/Quality Earphones – Are you still using the earphones that comes into your smartphones or tablets? Those are actually disposable and obviously the audio is very poor. Just enough for you to listen the bass guitar, vocals and drums and that’s it. You can’t appreciate your favorite songs with that kind of earphones. So get yourself a Sanheisser, Sony or SkullCandy. You don’t necessarily need to buy Beats by Dr. Dre, just a decent entry or mid-range earphones. I just bought for my birthday a Sanheisser and it costs me Php 2,000 or around $50. I also decided to purchase a Sony earphone for 800 pesos or $25 and it’s buy one take one. Trust me. It’s worth it so enough with your cheap earphones.

2. Watch Foreign Films – And I am not referring to tagalized Korean films rather those which are nominated in Oscar’s best foreign films or recommended by critics. Not only that it will open you to different culture but you will be surprised with different storylines and directing approaches.

3. Listen To Indie Songs – Tired of listening to the same music? Go to noisetrade.com or SoundCloud and you will be overwhelmed with amazing talents and thought-provoking songs.

Jars of Clay recording for a live album available in Noisetrade.com

Jars of Clay recording for a live album available in Noisetrade.com

4. Eat Something Expensive – Been curious about that double quarter pounder? Then go for it! It’s your birthday anyways or a reward for a good work. It’s not everyday, just something to make you feel good, remember, YOLO!

5. Watch A Movie… in theater – When was the last time you paid for a movie? Some of us are so used with downloading movies illegally that paying a few bucks for a really good movie seems to cause havoc in our wallets. There are great films that deserves to be watched in 3D or iMax so go for it and enjoy.

6. Have A Cup of Coffee With A Friend – I said with a friend and not friends. I always like a “me” time and a time with my group but sometimes it gets crowded in the head when you are alone and too crowded with conversations when you are with a group of people so ask your friend to buy you a coffee or treat a friend. Either ways, enjoy a good company and talk whatever comes into your minds.

7. Listen To Country Music – I am currently listening to a country song right now that is why I included this in my list. Country music is great music and I am not just talking about Taylor Swift. There are a lot of amazing country artists to listen to like Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Chris Young, The Band Perry and Little Big Town. Country music relaxes your mind and gives you a sense of relief and makes you crave for a good long walk in the beach or an urge to punch someone in the face.

8. Use Sunscreen / Lotions With SPF – Global warming. Enough said.

9. Improve Your Writing And Speaking Skills – I am a bad writer and a bad speaker. You can probably find a dozen of wrong grammars and sppeling here but I don’t mind. I am writing for I want to be a better writer. One more thing, we live in an era in which English seems to be the primary communication (social media, entertainment…) so being better in English is a big advantage.

10. Learn How To Fix Your Own PC – Darn it. How much does it cost you everytime you run to your next door technician? 500 pesos or $15? What about to a professional technician? 1000 pesos or $50? That’s a lot. Most of the computer problems are just minor and doable by non-IT persons.

I am gonna stop right now and I’ll continue the other 20 in my next list. The Voice is on now and it’s the battlerounds so I can’s miss that. Shakira is teaming up with Miranda Lambert. I can’t miss something like that.

Shakira and Miranda Lambert! Image from: TVGuide

Shakira and Miranda Lambert! Image from: TVGuide

15 thoughts on “31 Doable Things You Must Do When You Are 31

  1. Nehemiah says:

    Nice post, your list can be also done by a 24 years old like me. I also like some country music, my fathers favorite genre. He likes the old one like Neil Young and for the Indie music try to listen to some Japanese Indie Pop Punk bands. For the head phones I like Sony.

  2. I am having fun while reading your article it was nice you are able to compose thoughts in just a short time. the list is absolutely interesting I like it. I like Jars of Clay and foreign film I love watching movies in the cinemas I used to get to the cinema every weekend for a free ticket from work huh! that was fun and I missed doing that every weekend now…


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