Of Faith and Fanboy-ism

I was telling a friend that I’ll be in the city this coming April to watch my favorite band and may also be able to attend a local comic con . He asked me if it’s the Christian band I watched last year and while trying to explain to him that the band prefers to be called an indie pop electronic band, My friend asked me the question that has been bothering me for a long time.

Is there God in comics?

So I just replied “which comics universe?” and hoping at the same time that I get disconnected but my friend seems to be passionate about it and replied “Marvel Universe”. I am not in the mood at that time to have a debate in Facebook so I answered “I don’t know” and then signed out.

Marvel Universe predominantly features mutants in their comic books but they also have mythological gods, deities, celestial and sentient beings and heavenly beings as well like Angels but without a definite and concrete version of one true God.

Although, Heaven has been featured in the new story arc of Amazing X-Men, it was depicted differently and obviously, none of us really know what heaven is like aside from what we read in the scriptures.


In Amazing X-Men, Nightcrawler was unhappy in heaven in which he decided to jump out of heaven and goes back to earth 616.

If you are a devout Christian then there are times that you will be offended in some of the storylines. Although there are Catholics in the X-Men universe like Roberto de Costa aka Sunspot, there are many instances where you will feel like the stories has gone too far and can be considered as blasphemous.

But it should not damper your comic book fixation, the trick to enjoy comics is to consider them as entertainment and to respect the writers creativity. Marvel and other comic book publishers are very diverse right now and some or even most of the titles can offend your religious beliefs but if you are open minded then it should not be an issue.

I wish my friend would not focus on the biblical and theological reference of comic books for surely that will hinder his reading pleasures. Not just actually in comics books but almost in everything fictional and literary.

As for me, I  pick what I like to read and enjoy it!

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