Grimm Goes Very Grim On Aswang Episode

Did you watch the S03E14 (Season 03 Episode 14) of Grimm? Yep. That was a very grim episode even for a show that deals on fictional creatures, myths and folklore and for this episode they went very exotic by featuring Aswang, a Filipino folklore monster which scares the shit out of me when I was a kid.


Screenshot of Aswang tweeted by Grimm’s official twitter account. @NBCGrimm

The episode was entitled “Mommy Dearest” and features a Filipino family with very dark secret. At the start of the show, it sort of pays homage to the close family ties of a typical Filipino family and showing how the Filipinos love folklore and storytelling and even features flashbacks going back to the Philippines.

The episode “Mommy Dearest” opens with a prologue “I am going off to a house and entering it like a snake… I will devour their babes and make their hearts ache.” and that is enough to freak out any die hard horror flick fans.

I have been watching Grimm religiously and it is one of my favorite T.V. shows, never missed a single episode since it’s premiere and this episode is one of the bests and probably the scariest. Grimm has some high and lows with their storylines and sometimes some episodes are too stale and bland, like it has been done before like werewolves fighting each other or as they call it the blutblads and it came to a point that it is corny and just alright, enough to satisfy a geek’s sci-fi cravings.

The “aswang” episode is well-researched and honestly and I wanted to shake hands with the writers for coming with a creative and authentic version of the Filipino folklore. Although, I am not sure where the writers got their sources about Aswangs eating the babies of their eldest sons but their description on the ticking sound Aswangs make is how my nannies describes them to scare me.

There was also a part of the show where Monroe read the description of Aswang from the Grimm’s book as “also known as Tik-Tik for they make ticking sounds”. Aside from the great storyline, Sargeant Drew Yu, also known as that Asian cop has finally had his moment and Yes, we now know his first name. Drew Yu is played by Reggie Lee, also a Filipino actor.

“It’s the scariest Wesen ever,” executive producer Jim Kouf said in an interview at “Entertainment Weekly.”

And I agree.

Warning: Do not watch if you are pregnant or has babies in the house.

11 thoughts on “Grimm Goes Very Grim On Aswang Episode

  1. This aswang thing makes me curious about this tv series. Coming from a place(Antique) being tagged as bailiwick of aswangs, which I am yet to see one for myself , I am interested how they portray and present the character.

    • It was well-researched. I am impressed and even the producers says that it’s their best yet. I think Filipino writers could learn a thing or two from Grimm’s aswang episode.

  2. Herald C. Bebis says:

    We should welcome this kind of portrayal about the Philippines or anything about our culture. It helps raise awareness and encourage discussion about the Philippines

  3. It sounds creepy enough for me even though I am not pregnant haha. Anyways I love your review since it tempts me to check out that episode based on fictional creatures, myths and folklore.

  4. Never watch Grimm cause I’m not a fan of horror films.
    I easily get scared and can’t sleep the whole week or days.
    Well, this is very interesting since they covered Filipino’s ‘aswang’.
    I think I’ll try to watch this.

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