Why Cover The Same Ground Again?

“Why cover the same ground again? … It goes against my grain to repeat a tale told once, and told so clearly.”
― Homer, The Odyssey

Odyssey is one of my favorite books. I remembered when I was in high school, I would go to the school library every Saturday just to finish the massive and thick condensed of Odyssey and I am not referring to the Edith Hamilton summary but the huge and probably 5,000 pages of dusty and really old book.

The book was basically my introduction into literature and although I don’t call myself a literary person, it made me appreciate fiction, great storytelling, ancient architecture and travelling. I promised myself that when I am done with schooling (or just legit enough to travel) that I will involve myself in travelling and discovering new culture and stuffs that are interesting. Sadly, work and daily life is a pain in the A and now I felt like I should have been travelling 10 years ago.


I took this photo in a nearby beach from my house. I used Samsung NX1000 and edited using Adobe Lightroom 4.0

After having a really terrible accident, I decided to be a full-time freelancer, not my favorite choice but I realized that this is my perfect chance to travel and try something different. So remembering one of Homer’s famous quotes, why stay in the same ground again when you can be in different grounds and gathering new stories to tell.

Why Inlander?

This is actually my 4th blog and it seems that every time my favorite band Jars of Clay releases a new album I came up with a new blog name. LOL I’ll probably stick with this one. Hopefully I can keep it active until a new more interesting album name or song from Jars of clay convinces me to write another blog again. 🙂

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